Entricals - The Forest

"You stumble across a new path, where will it lead you?" 🌳
Here at Entricals, we're focused on advancing new and innovative ways to reward our community as well as build tech that progress Solana and the greater NFT community as a whole.
Entricals is a collection of 7,777 Ents awaiting their awakening on the Solana blockchain. Possessing an Ent will grant you full access to the leading products and assets that will be discovered upon mint day. We are nothing without our community and everything we do will be in service to you.
The Forest - our home and very own sanctuary within the blockchain strives on the concept of growth. The tools, services and products we innovate and develop will focus on increasing usability, transparency and user experience on our path towards building for mass adoption. We believe we’re extremely early in this space.
We’re here to create a lasting impact and shift the very fabric of this space, and our Entricals community will always reap the benefits of the roots we lay. As long as there are seeds, the forest will be ever growing. Growing together, #LFGROW.
A new dawn.
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